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The Mitchell Mfg. A-2 is the rebirth of a Legend

We at Mitchell Mfg. have been thinking for a long time how we can improve the A-2 flight jacket and in the end, there is nothing to improve. The A-2 was officially built for the USAAF from 1931 to 1943 and is well copied to this day by several manufacturers.

So, what sets the Mitchell A-2 apart from the others?

The Mitchell Mfg. A-2 combines the best features of the various contracts from Rough Wear Clothing Co., Cable Raincoat and Aero Leather Clothing Co. Accurate pocket shape, authentic reproductions of zippers and snaps, even the lining is made of 100% cotton. This lining comes with the correct ARMY / NAVY acceptance stamp and the proper USAAF stamp inside of the back. Waistband and cuffs made of pure wool in the correct weave and a contemporary label complete the picture of an authentic A-2, just as they were issued to pilots in service in 1942. The only difference lies in the workmanship and quality of the leather. In contrast to war production (up to 50,000 jackets were produced by a manufacturer in just one month, depending on the contract) we take a lot of time in our small factory and put a lot of effort into the production and processing of our A-2. Our steer/cowhide leather is treated in a complex process until the leather has reached a degree of softness that meets the high-quality expectations of Mitchell Mfg. 

At Mitchell, we fly warbirds and jets, drive sports cars and motorcycles, so we know how important a comfortable, yet robust leather jacket can be. 

That is what makes a Mitchell A-2 different. A flight jacket legend that you simply do not want to take off after trying it on!


The Mitchell A-2


DWG # 30-1415

Order # 42-10007-P

Leather:                                  Cow/Steerhide, semi chrome tanned

Color:                                      Seal Brown

Zipper:                                    Talon triple marked bell shape 1939 reproduction

Press Studs:                           United Carr Ring Studs (Pocket) United Carr Press Studs (Collar) reproduction

Knits:                                      100% Wool in correct weave

Thread:                                   Cotton mix / Color-Cognac

Lining:                                     100% Cotton, plain weave in dull orange

Hooks & Eyes                         Modell 1942 single eyelets

Label:                                      Mitchell Mfg. embroidered

Label:                                      Inside Pocket / Lot 1942

Sizes:                                      34-56 US

Prices:                                    34-48              799.-€

                                               50                   849.-€

                                               52                   899.-€

                                               54                   949.-€

                                               56                   999.-€







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