Type B-3 Sheepskin Jacket

Mitchell Mfg. B-3 Sheepskin Jacket 


The Mitchell B-3 sheepskin jacket is an exact copy of a Rough Wear B-3 from 1943, which served as a template. The Mitchell B-3 is not only extremely warm, but also extremely light. It consists of pure sheepskin with cowhide applications in the form of seam reinforcements, as well as reinforcements around the elbows and the outer map pocket on the right side. The warming sheepskin in the correct color beige is inside and the outside is painted with acrylic paint in the color Seal Brown. The acrylic paint is a concession to our environment, as the original jackets were given a lacquer finish. The Mitchell B-3 has a large Talon zipper (reproduction), as well as the correct belt buckles in shape, finish, and material. These are specially made for the Mitchell Mfg. The jackets themselves are sewn on special fur sewing machines from the 1940s, just like they were back then. The sheepskin has the correct hair length of 1.5-2.2 cm and is good for temperatures of up to minus 30 degrees Celsius.

The large sheepskin collar can be raised and fastened with two belt buckles and closes over the mouth and nose. Furthermore, the B-3 has belt buckles attached to the hip for size adjustment. The leather buckles are the correct thickness of 3.5 mm. The Talon zipper is sewn on in an offset manner so that no wind can penetrate the jacket. The leather reinforcements made of cowhide on the arms contribute to the robustness and durability of the jacket. Over time and with increased wear of your Mitchell B-3, the seal brown color will slowly break in and give the B-3 its typical character, which is the classic crazed or worn look of the jacket in WWII. It was precisely this character of the legendary B-3 bomber jacket that made it popular with all kinds of actors, from Alan Delon to Robert Wagner to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The B-3 found its way into Hollywood as early as the 1950’s and to this day it has not lost any of its “coolness” factor. An original B-3 replica is more popular today than ever, because whether you want to fly at great heights, drive open in a convertible in wintertime or just wear your B-3 on a cold winter walk, you do it with style and character!

Mitchell B-3


DWG # 33H595

Order # 42-13615-AF

Leather:                                  Sheepskin chrome tanned

Color:                                      Seal Brown

Fur Color:                               Beige

Reinforcements:                   Steerhide 1,2 mm Seal Brown

Belts:                                       Steerhide 3,5 mm Seal Brown

Thread:                                   100% glazed Cotton in correct weigh 16/4

Buckles:                                  Correct shape and finish

Zipper:                                    Big Talon triple marked bell shape 1939

Stamps:                                  Army Air Forces / AN - Army Navy acceptance stamp

Label:                                      Mitchell Mfg. embroidered

Sizes:                                      34-56 US

Prices:                                   34-48              1600.-€

                                               50                   1700.-€

                                               52                   1800.-€

                                               54                   1900.-€

                                               56                   2000.-€





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