Luftwaffe 1942 


"Luftwaffe 1942"

The Mitchell Mfg. "Luftwaffe 1942" is a typical leather Jacket for a German fighter Pilot from 1942.

It has all the important details typical of that period such as material and workmanship. We use original Swiss Riri zippers as well as original PRYM press studs and D-rings. The "Luftwaffe 1942" is made of extra soft 1.2mm thick cowhide and has a silver grey satin lining. The Luftwaffe 1942 has an inside pocket on the left, which can be closed with a zipper.

The typical design of a motorcycle jacket “Blouson Cycliste” from the 1940s cannot be denied in this fighter Pilot's Jacket. Although always the same from the outside, there were countless small differences in detail in this jacket. For this reason we at Mitchell decided to produce a Fighter pilot jacket, which the Pilots of the 3rd group of the JG 54 wore when they flew the FW190 D9 "long nose".

This model flight Jacket has not been around since 1945. A classic design that is absolutely timeless. We are proud to bring this leather jacket back to life and back into the air and onto the streets.

Whether you are flying a Messerschmitt or riding a motorcycle across the country, with the "Luftwaffe 1942" you are on the move in absolute style.


"Luftwaffe 1942"


Gerät=Nr. 1942 A-1

Anforderz. FL 31942

Leather:                                 Steerhide 1,2mm

Color:                                     Darkbrown

Zipper:                                   Riri Swiss made

Press Studs:                          PRYM Germany

D-Ring:                                  PRYM Germany

Thread:                                  100% Cotton mid brown

Lining:                                    Rayon silver grey

Label:                                     "Luftwaffe 1942" woven       

Size:                                       38-48 US

Price:                                      939.-€



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