Mitchell Mfg. G-1 55J14

USN/USMC Pilots Cult Jacket


The G-1 jacket is the direct successor to the original M422A jacket of the US Navy and USMC pilots from World War II.

Mitchell Mfg. reproduces the most beautiful and elaborate G-1 with the designation 55J14 from 1947, which was issued to the US Navy and United States Marine Corps. Whether Corsair, Bearcat, Skyraider or Panther Jet, the 55J14 found its way into all cockpits and onto all aircraft carriers.

The 55J14 impresses with its distinctive mouton collar, as well as the large attached front pockets with the characteristic buttons made of synthetic resin and a built-in pen holder. The flared back pleats give the G-1 the greatest possible wearing comfort, regardless of whether you are flying a Corsair or traveling in a convertible. All G-1s were and are still made exclusively from goatskin, which gives the G-1 its unmistakable character. The Mitchell 55J14 has a specially selected, extra soft grainy leather in seal brown, just like the original. The G-1 also features an inside pocket on the left side of the chest to stow maps. Further authentic details of the Mitchell G-1 are the unusual rib rack waistband, which is knitted from 100% wool in seal brown in a bi-directional weave and the correct rayon lining in dark brown, as well as a Talon zipper.

The G-1 is so popular that it is still in production for the US Navy today.

The G-1 undoubtedly achieved international fame through the film Top Gun, in which the main actor Tom Cruise (Pete Mitchell) wears a G-1.


Georg Raab, Collection Flying Legends, in front of his Chance Vought F4U-5NL Corsair wearing our G-1 jacket

Corsair Georg 002 1 von 1


Mitchell Mfg. G-1 55J14


Leather:                                  Extra Supple Premium Goatskin 1.2 mm semi chrome tanned

Color:                                      Dark Seal Brown

Lining:                                     Rayon Dark Brown

Knits:                                      100% Wool Rib Rack Seal Brown

Zipper:                                    Talon Bell Shape

Fur Collar:                               Mouton Fur Red Brown 

Collar:                                     USN marked

Label:                                      Mitchell Mfg. embroidered

Sizes:                                      34-56 US

Prices:                                    34-48              839.- €

                                                50                   889.- €

                                                52                   939.- €

                                                54                   989.- €

                                                56                 1029.- €





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