Luftwaffe 1944 - goatskin   

„Kanalhose from the Reichsdefense“


The Mitchell Mfg „Luftwaffe 1944 Kanalhose from the Reichsdefense“ is an precise and stunning copy of the original. 

Our „Kanalhose“ was reproduced to exacting detail, by using an original garment from 1944, which achieved the highest level of perfection.

Like the original, the Mitchell Mfg „Kanalhose“ reproduction is made of dark brown goatskin and cannot be distinguished from the original except for the manufacturers label. The lining is made from the silver-grey rayon, as found on the original as well.

The signal pistol pocket lining is made from dark blue cotton fabric. The large knee patch pockets were also faithfully reproduced. This offers space for signal ammo (which of course is used today can be to store cigar tubes). The pockets can be expanded with snaps and thus offer plenty of space.

Mitchell Mfg has also reproduced the ZIPP brand zippers, as used on original pants and stamped them correctly with the letters D.R.P.  (German Reichs Patent), as on originals. 

Additionally, the large ceramic Luftwaffe buttons have been reproduced in the correct size, shape and color. However, for durability reasons we made them in plastic instead of ceramic or glass, as on the original. The size, shape and color of the snap fasteners also correspond to the original. 

Finally, the „Kanalhose“ has the matching suspenders, which also correspond to the original in shape, design and materials and originals are a much harder to find as the „Kanalhose“ itself.

The Luftwaffe 1944“ is the most elaborate garment that Mitchell Mfg produces. The documentation and procurement of all materials to be able to faithfully reproduce the „Kanalhose“ was very time consuming and took us more than two years. 

Of note, this unheated version of the „Reichsdefense Kanalhose“ was traditionally worn with the short cut „Blouson Cycliste“ „Luftwaffe 1942" and  "Luftwaffe 1943“

Whether you ride your classic motorbike or fly in your Bücker Jungmann across the country, with the „Luftwaffe 1944 Kanalhose“ you are in the utmost style on the road and in the air.


„Luftwaffe 1944“


Gerät=Nr. 1944 H-1

Anforderz. FL 31944

Leather:                    Goatskin

Color:                        Darkbrown

Zippers:                    Zipp Zippers D.R.P.

Thread:                     Cotton mix grey green

Lining:                      Silver grey Rayon/ dark blue Cotton

Label:                        „Luftwaffe 1944“ woven

Size:                          38-46 waist

Price:                         1150.-€



Kanalhose comparison Mitchell MfG vs original 


Mitchell Mfg Logo PMS4685 Tan