Welcome to Mitchell Mfg.


At Mitchell, value and quality are at the core of our beliefs.

We are a small manufacturer who revives the spirit of the 1940's flight jackets. Hardly any other item of clothing inspires so much adventure with functionality and simple elegance, as a flight jacket from the peak of the piston powered aircraft era.

We put a lot of heart in our flight Jackets, which are made by hand with incredible attention to detail. We only use the best semi chrome tanned Steerhide, Goatskin and Sheepskin for our Jackets. In a complex process our leathers are made super supple to give maximum comfort. All materials used, such as zippers and press studs, are correct reproductions or, if original companies still in exist, we can procure hardware from the original source. Press studs, lining and knitwear have the correct dimensions, weight, and weave, just like the originals. Twenty-five years of expertise in flight jackets are found in our products. Our range of different fight jackets is limited because of our commitment to high quality.

The perfect flight jacket you buy only once. With proper care, it will last a lifetime. A Mitchell flight jacket is like an investment in the future, as you buy this timeless garment. In today’s fast paced world of 24/7 buy today and throw away tomorrow, our jackets are sort of like a pair of handmade shoes…once you have them you learn to appreciate them and wear them forever. These are things you do not buy often. Nevertheless, we are of the opinion that you never can own enough Flight Jackets!

Since all our jackets are handmade, we can offer a large range of sizes.  

If you, prized customer, value a special, handmade item of clothing constructed with personal care, then we would be happy to make a jacket for you too.

Sincerely yours

Uwe Glaser