Paratrooper Gloves

US 82nd and 101st airborne division standard issued gloves.

Don Blakesly 4th FG Para gl ww2gloves001 kl

From 1943 these elite units were equiped with these strong yet supple gloves made from horse and steerhide. Extremly popular among USAAF pilots this type gloves found their way into many bomber and fighter planes.

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Mitchell Mfg produces these classic gloves from only the best steerhides, tanned in the correct color, combined with clean seams and good workmanship, these gloves are built to last. 


Material:                     Steehide

Color:                         Tan 

Size:                            S, M, L, XL

Price:                          99.-€


Paratrooper Gloves 2 kl


Paratrooper Gloves 1 kl







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